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Team Seneca Navy in the News

Picture above is our boat, Lionheart, which was last rowed across the Atlantic in 2021 by team Pacific Boys



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Entrepreneurship Law Clinic Assists Team Ahead of “World’s Toughest Row”

"Although I am doing this work so early in my legal career, I already know it will be one of my proudest accomplishments when I look back many years from now," says Ponticiello. "I cannot speak highly enough of the rowers involved in this project, or my team members and supervisor in the Entrepreneurship Clinic. Everyone has shown such an incredible devotion to getting these guys across the finish line."

- Stephen Ponticiello, Cornell Law School 3L & Team Advisory Board Member


Rowing Across The Atlantic 

"We're essentially launching a firm," Ranney says. "It's marketing, finance and operations. We don't all have a ton of experience with those things," but the shared learning experience is part of "why it has been enjoyable." 

- David Ranney, Managing Director - Team Seneca Navy


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Conquering the Atlantic: UVic rower prepares for World’s Toughest Row

"For the next two years the team will prepare tirelessly for the race. Alongside their individual and group training, the teammates will recruit corporate sponsors and raise funds to purchase a boat, supplies and safety equipment before they begin the race in December 2025."

- Kelley O'Grady, Author

Row2k: Hobart's Ryan Mulflur

"It was the amount of preparation the race took that was the real source of my skepticism. To even get to the start line of this race takes resources and time - our team needs to raise at least $100,000 to enter the race (purchasing a boat is a majority of the expense) and we need sufficient time to train and learn proper safety."

- Ryan Mulflur


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Spectrum News 1: Team Seneca Navy prepares for World's Toughest Row 

“I’m definitely scared," Mulflur said. "I’m kind of doing it because it scares me. It was scary to come here and be, you know, 5'10''. I’m rowing with guys that are 6'6''. What’s scarier to me about graduating and leaving this team and not having a challenge in front of me that this is pushing me to the very limits of what I believe is possible."

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